Weight Watchers Smart Points.

This summer has been rather exciting to say the least. Weight Watchers has taken a back shelf whilst I’ve travelled to many places over the summer and now I’m ready to get stuck in AGAIN.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 23.49.20.png

Over the last couple of months I switched from WW Pro points to Smart points. I’m lucky enough to be be a brand ambassador for Weight Watchers, so I really wanted to check out there new plan and see if it would fit into my lifestyle. First of all I have to say that I LOVE Smartpoints! I find that I can eat way more on the plan (I get 30sp a day) than the old one, as looks of high protein items have dropped in smart points. I tended to eat quite a lot of meat and high protein foods, so luckily this has worked in my favour as I know a lot of people still feel restricted and that there points don’t last long! High sugar items have increased quite a lot on the knew plan so I definitely think it has helped me stop snacking on high sugar treats at the end of each day (and if you know me, you know i would have a chocolate and a chocolate EVERY evening).

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 23.51.20.png

Some of favourite Smart points meals are baked oats – Absolutely delish. Probably have them around 3 times a week there that good! And another fav is literally ANYTHING with chicken breast. The sp value is soo low, meaning you can have loads with your lunch/dinner and keep you fuller for longer. All the recipes and I eat everyday is over on my instagram @keelies.journey 













I started the plan after I came back from a girls/festival holiday in Barcelona. I lost 10lbs when I first started it and found that it really did help boost my weightloss! I then went to New York for 9 days to see my best friend and spend some time city seeing with my mum which was lovely (photos can be seen on my personal insta @keeliex). When being on holidays over the summer I was 100% NOT on plan! I feel that some of us only diet and want to get healthy so they feel good on holiday, so why then deprive yourself while your there? I’m all up for making the most out of travelling and that includes indulging in all the delicious food! A couple of weeks later I flew out to Cyprus for a relaxing holiday with the other half and his family, I wasn’t really in control of the meals and food shop out there so again I really just enjoyed myself and the food. After a couple of weeks off, with holidays and festivals ect. I’m so ready to get my head in the game and carry on with the smart points plan.

I’m currently using the Weight Watchers app, which I think is fantastic! It has so many recipes, foods and restaurants on there that your bound to find everything you need. As you probably all know – I’m a Starbucks addict and have about 3 a week! and I was so happy to see that my favourite Skinny Iced latte with sugar free vanilla syrup is only 3sp, so how can i feel guilty drinking it when it has a totally reasonable smart point value! It has a bar code scanner allowing you to scan all kinds of foods, either in your home or when your out and about food shopping. I literally can’t recommend it enough.


I’m excited to start trying new recipes and prep my meals as I have a VERY busy and time consuming year ahead, so the plan is to prep prep and prep!

K x






Top Must haves for Surviving WeightWatchers


Hi Guys! I can’t believe its May already, summer is soon around the corner and I cant wait till it starts getting warmer, and the longer evenings!

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Instagram recently about the top 10 things that you couldn’t live without. So I’ve decided to do a little different take on that and give you my top Weight Watcher’s must haves, that I couldn’t live without whilst on the plan.

  1. MANGO – I literally love mango! it’s super sweet, zero Propoints and actually feels like i’m having a treat when i have it. What more can you want.
  2. FROZEN FRUIT – can be purchased in almost any supermarket, and lasts for ages in your freezer! My fav is rapsberries, I add them to smoothies, on top on my porridge and a topping to pancakes. They’re also super tasty just to eat straight from the freezer (and not to hard like other frozen fruits)
  3. BUTTERNUT SQUASH – Zero hero veggie, but can be made into chips for a healthy alternative! and great thing about it, is that you can add it to soups, boil it, make spaghetti with it or just roast it! It’s really good for dinners where you might not have a lot of points left over, so just have this as a side with some salad and you’ve got yourself a low point meal!
  4. Aldi’s LIGHTLY DUSTED FISH – for only 4PP per fillet, this is a tasty dinner/lunch with whatever you like! I tend to have mine with veggies or a salad. But if it’s a friday/saturday you could turn it into a fakeaway with light dusted fish, BNS fries and mushy peas! for only £1.69 a box you can’t go wrong. There come in two flavours including a lemon one which is my fav and are kept in the frozen section!
  5. CURLY WURLY’S – if you’re anything like me and need a bit of chocolate in the evening while watching your TV programs then these are a win win! 3PP each and last ages! (especially if kept in the fridge/freezer). Typically you can get them in a pack of 5 for £1 from must supermarkets when there on offer! I love mine dipped into a tea or an options hot chocolate.
  6. PUFFED WHEAT – Similar to sugar puffs, but basically without the sugar! super low pointed for 25g being 2PP or 35g for 3PP, ideal for a quick and filling breakfast. They’re actually really tasty and can have them with anything! whether you just like them plain with maybe a bit of sweetener and some milk, so add some low fat yogurt and lots of fruit for a breakfast bowl! My fav is having puffed wheat with a WW yogurt, banana, frozen raspberries and some peanut butter! YUM. Available in lots of stores, but i tend to get mine from either Asda or Tesco!
  7. QUAKER OAT SACHETS– These are so handy! no measuring your porridge oats out and you can get them in all sorts of flavours, including Strawberry Jam, Sweet cinnamon and Vanilla & Honey! They can be baked, microwaved, added to smoothies, added to pancakes and great for over night oats! I tend to use water with mine instead of milk, to save some points! (Sneaky Hehe)
  8. POPCORN- Super low pointed tasty snack, and there are so many different flavours available! One of my favs is Tesco sweet & Salted! also Propercorns Smooth peanut and almond. Homemade popcorn is also free on no count/Filling & healthy, then you can add your desired flavours like sweetener, low cal syrup or just salt! another good thing about popcorn is that you can take it too the cinema with you in your own individual pack, so you’ll try on plan whilst at the movies too -Winning.
  9. CRUMPETS- I swear us English folk are obsessed with crumpets! you literally can have them any point in the day either breakfast, as a snack or for dinner! You can have them sweet or savoury so the possibilities are literally endless. Also you have to try Warburtons Giant crumpets, there so fluffy and totally worth 5PP each! Normal sized crumpets tend to be 2/3PP each depending on the brand and are free on no count/filling & healthy!
  10. UNSWEETENED ALMOND MILK – Delicious in coffees, porridge, smoothies or on your cereal! Vegan, diary free and a lot less Cals and PP then skimmed milk! it only has 24cals per 100ml and you can have 400ml  for 1PP which is loads! I use mine in my coffees, protein shakes and smoothies as it has a really creamy taste. super good if you’re trying to cut down on your diary products! I tend to use the Alpro unsweetened almond milk which is available in most stores including Tesco and Asda!


So that’s it for my top 10 Weight Watcher must haves! If you like this kind of blog post and want to know more about some other favorites that have helped me with my journey leave a comment and let me know!


I hope everyone enjoys there bank holiday weekend! Make sure you follow my Instagram to see what I eat during the day 🙂


ciao K x

Smart Diet Scale

Happy Saturday everyone! 

Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to review the Smart Diet Scale. This is basically a weighing scale that allows you to weigh 4 items at once, sync to your phone and search food items! I’ve had it for about 5-6 weeks now, and i will say that I’ve thrown my old kitchen scales out! It’s been really handy for a WeightWatcher like me (who weighs most food items) so weigh parts of my meal all in one without having to wipe down the scale or keep zeroing it.


The scale is also in a clean sleek design that matches my kitchen! another bonus to it is that you receive 4 little coloured trays that can be used to weigh your food on, and different parts of your meal such as protein, veggies and carbs!


If your looking into counting calories/marcos then this scale would be perfectttt for you. You can add all your food into an app with is connected via Bluetooth, which allows you to see the cals, protein, fat, carbs and more of the food your weighing out! Here’s the link if you want to check out where you can purchase it from! (Smart Diet Scale)

The Smart diet Scale also appearing at the Ideal Home Show in London from 18th March (Yesterday) to the 3rd April as well as being featured in the May issue of Men’s Fitness magazine.


Some other instagrammers have also been been testing it out, and a blog post has gone up about how we’re finding it! – you can check that out here.

Ciao K


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Happy is healthy.

Morning everyone! Thought it was about time I wrote another blog post. This post is about how being happy is healthy, and the things I do to boost my mood and stay happy!


Over the past 6 weeks or so, i have been enjoying weekends ‘off’ plan from WeightWatchers, and just enjoying my friends, family and boyfriends company! I tend to have a lot of plans when it comes to the weekend, and I don’t want to be worrying about what i can and can’t eat. 2016 so far, I’ve been away to Manchester for Valentines, I’ve had Mothers day at home with the family, I’ve been to Leeds with my friends for a girls night and catch up – as well as my friends coming up to spend the weekend with me in Sheffield. Having plans too look forward to is my number 1 tip to get in that happy frame of mind! Here’s a couple of plans that i have for this year so far!:

  • Bank holiday in London
  • Barcelona and Sonar festival
  • New York to see my bestie and shopping time with my mum
  • Cyprus with the boyfriends family
  • Vfestival at the end of August
  • Hopefully starting a PGCE for teaching Chemistry in September

( I will be posting all my adventures on my personal instagram (Keeliex) as well as my weightloss journey (keelies.journey) one)

I’ve come to realise that I’m happy and content with my body, and I don’t need to be worrying so much about days off plan and beating myself up about it! as its all about balance, if i can eat healthy Monday-Friday then enjoy myself at weekends then that’s fine by me! I want to enjoy myself this year, and just make sure i carry on with the gym and having fun at weekends!

Another tip for you all. Once you stop caring about what other people think, you’ll be a lot happier yourself! Don’t worry about what others are doing, or if you think you should be doing that – We’re all different, and like to live our lives differently so there’s no point comparing yourselves. Once you become happier with yourself then everything else just falls into place. I like to think that i’m carefree (When appropriate haha) and i try not to stress out over stuff as i know in the end, what will be will be! – And I’m completely fine with that.




Ditching the scales.

First of all happy Monday everyone! I always feel so relaxed and content on Sunday (except when if gets to evening). I thought I’d do an updated blog post on my gym workouts and ditching the scales! Saturday is my usual weigh day, and this week I lost 0.6lbs which is great!    
But other the past couple of months I haven’t really changed weight TBH I’ve gone up to about 10st13 back last August/September, after I came back from America, then moving in with my boyfriend I had a lot of takeaways! So I have lost half a stone. I’m not quite back at the same weight that I was when I left for America last June which was 10st2 but least be honest what is 3lbs? Are you really going to see a difference in your body with 3lbs difference probably no!

Something that I have been doing a lot more though is doing gym workouts that include a lot of weights! Last week I went 4 times, but I’d say on an average week I’d go 3 times a week which I think is Pretty reasonably. So I’ve finally decided, that I’m going to stop weighing myself, gym 3 times a week and what will be will be! And hopefully I’ll notice my body changing without having to be dictated by the scale. I would love to be in the 9’s but if that means being “skinny fat” and just dieting alone to reach that weight then. I. don’t want to see it! I’d rather be 10st and be toned TBH. 

Here’s my normal gym workout routine – but I do like to change it up on days so it’s not always the same!

– 15 minute run on the treadmill, mixed speeds of sprinting at 15kph then jogging at 10kph (little bit of a HIIT session!)
– I go onto leg weights, (sorry I don’t know what the machines are called haha) but for inner and outer thighs.
– I then do crunches, on these bar things! (Sorry bad with technical terms) but that gets my heart rate up quite a lot! 
– I then do some arm weights, including arm curls and the pull down one haha! 
– about 5 minutes on the stepper! Building on the leg muscles 🙂
– then go to the mat and do press ups, sit ups, and twists for my waist! 
That’s roughly 45mins it takes me! And I also walk there and back to the gym, which really isn’t far! Takes about 3 minutes haha 
Normally with all that I aim to burn around 500 calories 🙂
People do normally ask me on my Instagram, if I like my polar watch or find it helpful etc. And the answer is I really do! It allows me to see my heart rate, so if it’s quite low I know that I need to push myself harder and I can also see the calories I burn, so it makes me work that little. Bit more till I’ve reached my calorie goal!! 

Thanks for reading! 

Ciao K x

It’s February! 

Hello February ❤️ I can just tell that this year is going to go so so quick and before we know it, it will be summer! ☀️ 

As January is done and dusted I thought I’d do a blog post on my favourite things throughout Jan!  

1. S T A R B U C K S

If anyone knows me they know I love Starbucks! ☕️ in January all extras in your coffee were FREE making my usually skinny SF vanilla cappuccino cheaper! (Hoorah) when I go I do tend to stick this as its lower in points than a latte and I always make sure I have the SUGAR FREE syrups! Just because I’d rather use the points on other things 🙈 

2.  Y A N K E E C A N D L E S

another thing that I’ve been loving is getting new Yankee candles! I actually got 3 new ones this month! 🙈 I just love the jar and all the different smells they do! I would say I probably get one every/every other month! Let’s just say I’m an addict 🙌🏼  his one below my dad kindly bought for me as a little present ❤️ 


3. B R A I D S 

this month I’ve been quite lazy with washing my hair! I only tend to wash it twice a week! And if that, sometimes just once 🙆🏼 so while I’ve been at home in the flat & going into labs I’ve been braiding my hair ❤️ I actually quite like it out my face and I feel it doesn’t matter how greasy it is, braids will always look cute 🙊 


4. M A K E U P

Since about November time I’ve really gotten into watching YouTube videos and I do subscribe to quite a lot! Since watching that I’ve bought quite a lot of make up and started using different brands! My newest additions are a few Kiko pieces 😁 also a new Mac lipstick and 2 eye shadow palettes! 


5. X L J U M P E R S

I have probably worn larger jumpers 75% of the time in January! There so comfy and can be chucked on with jeans 💕 I have 3 favourites that are all from Primark which I have in pale pink, beige & light grey! They cost me £7.80 and was so worth it, as they will last me right through spring aswell 



This blog post isn’t necessarily about weightloss but I just wanted to start blogging about my general life aswell as my weightloss journey! As I enjoy a lot of other things aswell as recording my meals and weightloss on my Instagram ❤️ 
Ciao K x  

Let’s get active 

First of all I would like to wish you all a very happy Sunday! 💕 I find Sunday’s very relaxing and feel pretty content (until it reaches about 8pm) 😂 I haven’t actually done a blog post about the gym/workouts before so here it goes! 💪🏼

Firstly I wanted to mention my polar watch! I received this from my boyfriend for my 23rd birthday last October as I did have a older model but was playing up a bit! 🕐 I knew I wanted to keep with the polar watches as my last one was great and really worked for me! Here’s a picture of what it looks like in the box …

I think he purchased it from a running shop, but I’ve also seen it on Amazon too for £99.99.

It’s the M400 model, and YES it does come with a chest strap! You can wear this watch all day everyday if you wish, as it tracks your overall activity for the day 😁✌🏼️ when setting it up you I out your age, height, weight and how active you are. Throughout the day you can look at your watch and it tells you the percentage of activity and when you reach 100% you’ve reached your goal activity for the day! You can also look back on days, and see how many steps you had done, the calories you burnt and the distance you’ve walked 🙌🏼 the calories burnt will include the amount you burn resting aswell, so it does give you an idea of how many your body burns and therefore you need!

When going to the gym, I always wear the chest strap! This just allows a more accurate reading of your heart rate so the calories burnt will be a lot more reliable and accurate to you! 🤓 I really like the idea that it shows you the fat burn %of Cals! So the higher the percentage the more fat burnt from that workout ❤️

For years now I’ve always used a fitness watch, I just find for me when I can see my heart rate and the calories burnt, it makes me work harder! Especially if you give yourself a carlorie goal before a workout 😁 my calorie goal for an hours workout session is 500 calories ✌🏼️

After starting a new gym recently hat had a swimming pool, me and the other half have been going swimming quite a lot as its so relaxing!! And something nice we can do together in the evenings 🏊🏼 this watch can be used in the pool along with the chest strap! And so can most of the other polar watches tbh! So if your not sure if yours can or not, just google the model and find out! Mine actually has a sports profile for swimming so it’s quite handy 🙌🏼🙌🏼 going swimming is a lower intensity workout than the gym, but I find my fat burn % is a lot higher when I go!

Just because it’s an all over body workout! Plus it doesn’t feel that strenuous compared to a gym workout hehe 🙊🙊

I do get a lot of questions asking what I do in the gym so here it is (I do change it up sometimes!!)

– 15min run (without stopping)

– leg weights (10min)

– arm weights (10min)

-stepper (5min)

-sit ups & push ups (10mins)

-cool down and stretch (10mins)

So there it is! On some days I do try and do pull ups and that with the other half and he does show me some other bits and bobs! But I’m quite happy to just do whatever I fancy in the gym! 🙆🏼

I tend to do about 3 times a week! Recently have been going more as I’ve been swimming too 😊

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I just wanted to write something that explained a bit about my polar watch & my gym sessions! ❤️

Ciao K x

New year, New adventures 

So happy 2016 everyone! 🎉 I can not believe how much quicker months go as you get older 😱😱😱 I had a brilliant 2015 with travelling, starting off with going to Milan with the bestie! Then off to Andorra skiing, followed by a 3 week trip to America in June (New York,Virginia, Las Vegas & LA) 🌍 then to finish the year off I travelled to Dublin with my boyfriend ☘👫 so that means this year I have some places on the cards aswell 🙊 in June in off on a girls holiday to Barcelona to go to Sonar festival! I’ve never been to a festival abroad before so I’m really looking forward to that! ☀️ I’m also planning another city break with the BF either to Berlin, Amsterdam or Prague! ✈️ then hopefully end of August going back out to America 🇺🇸 also maybe a cheeky all inclusive relaxing holiday inbetween all that too! 🙈 so looks like I’ll be saving for most of the year!✌🏼️ 

I also only have 5 months left of my research masters 😱 as I shall be finished in June! Meaning I need to start thinking about what to do after! I’ve recently requested more info (today) on the TeachFirst program to become a science teacher in a secondary school! 📑📚📝 at the moment I’m not entirely sure whether I want to do a PhD, go back into sales (but medical/pharmaceutical), become a teacher or go into a research lab! So I have quite a few decisions to make this year 😅 but all very exciting! 

Onto weightloss news… I’m carrying on with the WeightWatchers propoints plan and still continuing to get to goal! Which is to be in the 9st bracket 🎉 with only 8-9lbs left to get to that I’m in know rush and I will be enjoying myself at social events this year ✨ starting with my best friends birthday bash 🎈🎁 by the time I go to Barcelona in June I want to feel comfortable in a bikini and not frumpy! 👙 I will continue to go to the gym (and swimming 🏊🏼) 2-3 times a week and lose the weight slow & steady 👊🏼 


Ciao K x 

It’s D E C E M B E R !

I can’t believe it’s December already! 😱 where has this year gone?! I think this year has been quite good for me and a lot of new and exciting things happened 🙆🏼 but I can’t wait for a new year and some new goals ✨🤓 

The last couple of weeks of weightloss for me has gone quite nicely if I don’t say so myself 😂🙈 in the first time since I’ve come back from America I’ve been tracking EVERYTHING, including my weekend treats & made sure I’ve not gone over my weeklies 😊 and the result of this means I’ve gone from… 

This (so sorry about my toe nails! 🙈🙈🙈) which was from the week after my birthday where I had about 10days off plan then 3 days on plan!! And now from last Saturday I weighed in at….
Which is 7.6lbs off! Which I’m so pleased about 🙌🏼✨👌🏼 the America weight is finally coming off and I’m starting to feel good about my body like I did in May! 🙆🏼💕 

My aim before Christmas is too get down to 10st2! Which I’m 3.8lbs away, and we have about 3 weeks till Christmas 🙈 that is doable if I don’t go out for lots of Christmas meals & drinks haha!! 

I’m having over Christmas off plan! Then off to Dublin for 4 days ✈️☘ then it’s new year 🙈 so I am probably going to gain some weight back! But I’d rather lose as mush as possible before Christmas so I’m not to shocked when I step on the scales after new year 😂

Ciao K x ❤️