Nightly gym session

PureGym Sheffield

So tonight was gym night! I tend to go to the gym about 3-4 times a week and feel a little bit crappy if I only make it once or twice (just habit). I go to my local gym in Sheffield, which is only around £18.99 a month which is really cheap compared to the gym in my home town which is around £35 a MONTH! which i think is a rip of to be fair.

Since going to the gym 3 times a week since September I’ve really noticed my body toning up and I’ve found that the weight started to drop off really quickly! as in 2013 I couldn’t get under 11st 7lbs! – Now 10st4lbs (yay). So if anybody is wondering if they should join a gym or worrying about gaining weight in the first couple of weeks starting at the gym, I would still go for it! I wouldn’t be where I am now without it! – and as for gaining weight when starting at the gym, I can’t really remember gaining (unless i maintained the week I started) as I know us WeightWatchers folks really don’t want to go to weigh in and gain!


And as for anyone wondering about my calorie counting watch, it’s called a Polar FT4 and I brought it off Amazon for around £70! But I’ve heard there on offer at the minute for £50 and they are deffo worth it. It comes with a heart rate monitor which you attach around your chest (can’t feel that its there when working out) and you can input your height, weight and age into it so the calories that are burned in your gym gym will be unique to you and how hard you worked in your workout! (the higher the heart rate the more cals burned-obvs) but it really does make you work harder, especially when you have an idea of how many calories you want to burn! I tend to not leave the gym till I’ve burned at least 500cals! – but that’s just me.

I deffo have much more to talk about, so the blog posts will keep on coming (not tonight though hehe) – Here’s a little motivational quote to keep us all on track!



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