Favourite WeightWatcher friendly breakfasts’

Thinking about changing my blog title to this? Because everybody loves a bit of sugar

These are some of my favourite breakfasts’, I tend to either have porridge when I’m in uni or work early, and a bit of a cooked breakfast when I have more time!

My favourite porridge has got to be Quaker Oats! They do so many different flavours that are so tasty, my favs include; Strawberry jam, caramel, sweet cinnamon & honey and almond. All these ones are 3propoints on the WeightWatchers plan, but other flavours like strawberry & banana are 4PP.

I always prefer to have my porridge with water, then I don’t have to count any extra points for skimmed milked! (I count 2PP a day anyway for my teas and coffees) and they still taste really good with water!

I’ve recently discovered the new coco pops porridge! Which is incredibly yummy and chocolately for only 3PP (with water), so it good when you need a chocolate fix in the morning. The sachet is only 27g compared with the Quaker oats at 33.4g but I still think it’s worth it! I also tend to add a banana every morning to my porridge as it makes it super filling and lasts me till lunch time no problem.











When I have a bit more time in the mornings I love a good old egg with toast! Except I tend to swap the toast for a healthy option which usually consists of a Warburtons thin! But I only have half a slice which is 50cals and works out at 1PP which is perfecttttttt! I also LOVE chopped tomatoes, there really filling and there 0PP so can be added to any breakfast without the guilt. To do my egg I spray a mini frying pan with fry light and cook, maybe having a cheeky turn to seal the top but remembering to leave it runny! Another good buy for breakfasts are the WW sausages for only 1PP each there are totally worth it, being careful when adding up points though as if you have 2 of them it works out to be 3PP! (Sneaky)

another addition to my breakfast is a tea or a coffee! Couldn’t live without it in the morns! Aswell as my take away costa cups that my dad kindly got for me (don’t ask how haha) as I can then drink my tea on my walk to uni which saves a lot of rushing around!











As you can tell, I can’t live without a banana every morning! I get really upset when I run out haha, and then have to have one later in the day! – A banana a day keeps the doctor away


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