The Wendie plan




So this week I’m doing the Wendie plan! If anyone wants to know what it is or more info, it can be found by just typing The wendie plan into Google. I’m doing the points based on the WW message board I’ll post a picture below of what points I’m having on what days! This plan is meant to help boost weightloss by using your weeklies with a certain amount of points on different days!



This is what this week looks like! I had a great day Saturday eating all them points haha! And today I’m allowed 30-31PP, so decided I’m going to have a comfort tea with beans & sweet potato fries! YUMMY.

I weigh in on Saturday mornings so will post the result on my Instagram! Hoping for a 1lb loss, as I’m near to my goal weight now so slow and steady wins the race! Also by losing it slowly means I won’t out weight back on really fast! (Hopefully).

For anyone wondering, I don’t actually go to any weight watchers meetings or pay to do weight watchers! I did a couple of years ago but I know it like he back of my hand now! I use an app called Value Diary, which is available from the App Store for £1.99 but is deffo worth it as now I don’t pay anything else to do WW!

Also for people wondering, I use the app Line Camera to make all my edits on my photos, which include the writing and the little hearts! (Just makes it look cute haha)




If you can’t already tell, I do love my coffee hehe! I tend to have either sugar free caramel syrup in it (purchased from TKMaxx for £3.99) or these beanie coffees! Which are 0PP and full of flavour. The toffee one is my favourite! Recently tried the gingerbread one but didn’t like it very much 😦 another fav is hazelnut!

I also think that making my coffee look like it’s from Starbucks or Costa makes it taste better too! I use an electric whisk to froth my milk & coffee being adding boiling water and that’s what makes it look really yummy!

I’m on the hunt for hazelnut SF syrup and I’ve found some on amazon for £9.99 but don’t think I want to pay that much, so still hunting for a cheaper version, so if anyone knows where to get some give me a bell on my insta or in a comment on here and I’ll love you forever!

Ciao for now x



5 thoughts on “The Wendie plan

  1. Amanda

    I have the value diary app and I love it. I lost 65# using it but now I’m at a stand still. I would love to follow you if I can. Maybe we can help each other out. Thanks!


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