To workout or not to workout?


So my next topic is going to be about working out while on WeightWatchers! I’ve had a lot of people ask me about this and whether you’d gain weight if you worked out!

i only properly started back at the gym consistently in September 2014. Since then I’ve been 3 times a week (most weeks) with maybe some time off around christmas and New Year! And since doing so I’ve got to my lowest weight so far on my weightloss journey, as all last year I couldn’t get below 11st7 on WW and I finally realised it was because I needed to up my exercise, as eating healthy just wasn’t enough! And I’m now 10st4 so this has clearly helped haha!

People are always asking me whether I gained when I first started exercising and to tell you the truth I really. Ant remember as it was that long ago! But even if I did it couldn’t have been much or I would of remembered (I think)! When exercising the body will hold water, so the first week you might not lose any weight, but it has a roll on effect, an example would be; if you then didn’t work out the next week but lost 4lbs! This would probably be because you worked out the week before, so if you carry on working out 3 times a week you will carry on losing.

did I also mention the brilliant mood you get when you’ve finished your workout?! So for anyone that asks I would deffo recommend incorporating fitness into the weight watchers plan! It’s worked so well for me and others that I know who have done it!


Also people have been wondering where I get my workout clothes from! My trainers are Nike Roshe runs in mint green and I got them from office for £70 (I’m in love with them) must of all my gym leggings are from primark (there really comfy) for £6-8 and all my tops are just from random places! This mint green one is from Forever 21 about 3 years ago haha!

Ciao for now x IMG_0479


4 thoughts on “To workout or not to workout?

  1. Emma

    Hi hun, I find your blog and instagram so inspiring! I was wondering if you could possibly do a post on how you resist temptation and how you get back on track after your bad days? I really struggle with this, I think this is my downfall as I binge then can’t get back on track!


  2. thelovelylogicalgirl

    Hello, I have just recently started my own weightloss journey, and have been looking through some of your posts. I also started a blog to write my thoughts but also keep me accountable on my journey. My first Fitness Journey post will be going up this friday.
    I will definitely be following your blog for motivation to stay on track with my goals.


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