Back to the blogging world..


So I haven’t written a blog post in so so long! And in that time, I’ve finished my university degree in Forensic Science with a 2:1, started a full time job as a Sales consultant for a developer company in Sheffield, moved into my very own 2 bed flat AND travelled America for 18 days!! :O

Crazy Crazy stuff…

So first of all I just wanted to say that while having all this going on i’ve still managed to stick to WW (minus going to america) and treat weekends! okay lets say stick to plan Mon-Fri haha – which i find works for me.. But i did put on about 8lbs whilst in America, so i really need to get my head stuck in and stick to plan! Also up my exercise as i haven’t been to the gym in probably over 2 months! Due to me cancelling my membership cos i was moving flats.

But i now live with my gorgeous boyfriend was into fitness too! not so much the food side as he doesn’t eat vegetables but definitely the exercise side, which tbh I probably need help with the most as I’m quite good with knowing what to eat! so from Monday we are both starting back up at PureGym – the one i left as i thought i’d go to a different one but turns out that’s the one he wants to go too haha! and i really like it there anyway.. so i should be able to get back to the gym 3 days a week, probably after work or in the evenings when i can go with him as it will give me more motivation!

so some of my new goals that i want to set before i turn 23 in October…

1. Lose my America gain

2. Get down in the 9’s (i’ve to be in the 9’s for so so long!!)

3. Exercise 3 times a week

4. once i get in the 9’s i want to change my diet slightly and cut out refined sugars! (such as slim fast bars & crisps)

5. Ideally it would be lovely to fit in size 8’s (although i do have 2 pairs already that fit me!! yay)

Also my boyfriend is hoping to start up a fitness instagram account! so that should be fun for him to do it too and work together.. i should be able to post more regularly now, and get back in the swing of thingsss!

Ciao x



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