Getting back on plan after an indulgent weekend..


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So every time Saturday comes round we all know that we like to treat ourselves as its the weekend! I do it every time! plus my weigh in is on Saturdays so i tell myself its okay haha! I do try and allow just Saturday to be off plan but sometimes this doesn’t happen and i do end up eating a little more than i probably should on Sunday too (we all do it don’t we!)

But there’s something I’ve learnt over the years of being on Weight Watchers – and that is to get back on track! just because you’ve had a bad day doesn’t mean you have to have a bad week! I tend to stick to plan religiously Monday through to Friday then as soon as the weekend comes i allow myself some treats! which is good in moderation… the amount of Chinese i ate at the weekend though wasn’t moderation haha..

I can always count on a new week day to get back on plan, whether this be a Monday or a even a Thursday, it’s never to late!  Count it as a fresh start if you have too..

so some tips to get back on plan after an indulgent weekend:

1. go food shopping! (buy fresh fruit and veggies the day or day before your getting back on plan! – no excuses then)

2. plan out what your having for the entire day, i use the Value Diary app to keep track of my points – without forking out and paying for a WW membership

3. Do some exercise! (easier said than done I know…) you’ll feel 100% better and more likely to eat healthy throughout the day!

Hope this helps!

Ciao x


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