1ffb8cceae8afe9dc8fce8abb9513ff6TGIF. I haven’t posted an update on my blog in ages so thought I’d better do one! The last time I posted was about getting back on plan after an indulgent weekend – that still applies for me as I do it near enough EVERY weekend!

I’ve recently been doing the Filling & Healthy plan on WW, this is where a lot of w
holemeal foods are free (crumpets, brown thins, brow
n rice, pasta etc.) as well as eggs, skimmed milk and most lean meats! The plan has been very good! And allows you not to weigh out any foods that are free. You also get your weekly 49 pro points to have on things that aren’t on the F&H plan (chocolate and crisps!) so it is very flexible….

On the other hand. By downfall. Portion sizes! As you don’t have to weigh anything out I tend to overdo my portions or eat too much of the filling & healthy foods – especially crumpets. The plan allows you to snack on them, so that’s what I did… I’ve gone back to pointing for the day today as I’m off to pizza express with my boyfriend later tonight, so I wanted to be able to pro point my pizza!


Another topic I want to talk about is my weigh ins! I’ve recently not been weighing in. This is because I eat really well during the working week, then at the weekends I have a treat! This means that I’m not losing any weight… I recently started living with my boyfriend (From July) and that means we like to organise stuff to do at the weekend! Which normally includes a meal out/cinema or meeting up with friends. I don’t want him to feel like we can’t go out and he can’t treat himself because I’m doing WW. I think I just need to learn that you can go out for a meal and just eat a salad haha.

This weekend I’m off home for some party celebrations and a meal out with the fam. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and I really want to enjoy every minute of it! – spend time with fam & friends, eat what you like (in moderation) and do new things is my motto.

I will be posting on my blog more regular from now on!

Ciao K x


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