Exciting News.


Forensics Text

So some exciting news . . . after weeks of debating and weighing up my options I’ve decided that I’m going back to university to do an integrated Master’s in Forensic Science! I’m so so happy at the moment, and I have my induction next week – with lectures starting the week after horahhhh J I haven’t been happy in my job for a while, even though I’ve only been here 4 months! But when you know you just know. Like my mum said, if you’ve got the opportunity to move on and you feel it’s not right then go for it! I’m only 22 anyway. I just feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

So this week is the last week at my current job! The other good news, is that I have now got my part time uni just back at the university and have some shifts next week! J They’ve also asked me to be a PostGrad ambassador meaning I’ll go do presentations to undergrads and tell them why I chose the masters and the good things about it! If you haven’t noticed I kinda like doing presentations and sharing my experiences with other people, so I’m excited to get back to that next week!

Also being back at uni means, I have more free time and studying time! Which means I can food prep! During my 3rd year at uni I lost the remaining weight I wanted to and got to my lowest weight! Now half a stone heavier… (Thanks America – and weekends off) I am hoping to get back down to that weight (10st1) by Christmas! Which I think is totally do able.

Prepare to see more blogs about how my masters is going, along with foodie picks and weight loss! Now to finish off my final 2 days at work before starting my next adventure.

Ciao K x


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