Getting back on track!

As many of you know, before I went to America I was 10.1 🙌🏼 while there I gained around 10-12lbs! Since then I haven’t really lost any until recently! Since I’ve been back I’ve moved in with my boyfriend, started a new job, finished at that job then gone back to uni to do a research Masters! So pretty hectic 🙈 

Recently I’ve been trying to workout for at least 30mins a day instead of doing large gym sessions! I haven’t been going to the gym and I’ve been doing then at home using YouTube! 💻 I just find that this is way more convenient for me! 💛 me and the BF are moving into a NEW flat in 2 weeks time which is much closer to the uni and near town, so instead of driving everyday I’ll be walking 🍂🌰🍁 (hoping this will help the weight loss) and we’re looking for a new gym with a swimming pool! So then we can go swimming together in the evenings 🏊🏼 

My goals before Christmas is too keep working out 4-5 times a week (short sessions) AND to get back down to the lower end on the 10 stone mark 🙌🏼✨ I do think this is achievable I just need to stop being so naughty at the weekends and o my have 1 treat meal! 👌🏼❤️ 

My recent weight is 10:8.8 so I want to ideally lose 7lbs before Christmas! Which I think is only 6 weeks away? 🎅🏽🎄 just means I’m going to have to work extra hard! ✌🏼️
K x 


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