It’s D E C E M B E R !

I can’t believe it’s December already! 😱 where has this year gone?! I think this year has been quite good for me and a lot of new and exciting things happened 🙆🏼 but I can’t wait for a new year and some new goals ✨🤓 

The last couple of weeks of weightloss for me has gone quite nicely if I don’t say so myself 😂🙈 in the first time since I’ve come back from America I’ve been tracking EVERYTHING, including my weekend treats & made sure I’ve not gone over my weeklies 😊 and the result of this means I’ve gone from… 

This (so sorry about my toe nails! 🙈🙈🙈) which was from the week after my birthday where I had about 10days off plan then 3 days on plan!! And now from last Saturday I weighed in at….
Which is 7.6lbs off! Which I’m so pleased about 🙌🏼✨👌🏼 the America weight is finally coming off and I’m starting to feel good about my body like I did in May! 🙆🏼💕 

My aim before Christmas is too get down to 10st2! Which I’m 3.8lbs away, and we have about 3 weeks till Christmas 🙈 that is doable if I don’t go out for lots of Christmas meals & drinks haha!! 

I’m having over Christmas off plan! Then off to Dublin for 4 days ✈️☘ then it’s new year 🙈 so I am probably going to gain some weight back! But I’d rather lose as mush as possible before Christmas so I’m not to shocked when I step on the scales after new year 😂

Ciao K x ❤️ 


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