New year, New adventures 

So happy 2016 everyone! 🎉 I can not believe how much quicker months go as you get older 😱😱😱 I had a brilliant 2015 with travelling, starting off with going to Milan with the bestie! Then off to Andorra skiing, followed by a 3 week trip to America in June (New York,Virginia, Las Vegas & LA) 🌍 then to finish the year off I travelled to Dublin with my boyfriend ☘👫 so that means this year I have some places on the cards aswell 🙊 in June in off on a girls holiday to Barcelona to go to Sonar festival! I’ve never been to a festival abroad before so I’m really looking forward to that! ☀️ I’m also planning another city break with the BF either to Berlin, Amsterdam or Prague! ✈️ then hopefully end of August going back out to America 🇺🇸 also maybe a cheeky all inclusive relaxing holiday inbetween all that too! 🙈 so looks like I’ll be saving for most of the year!✌🏼️ 

I also only have 5 months left of my research masters 😱 as I shall be finished in June! Meaning I need to start thinking about what to do after! I’ve recently requested more info (today) on the TeachFirst program to become a science teacher in a secondary school! 📑📚📝 at the moment I’m not entirely sure whether I want to do a PhD, go back into sales (but medical/pharmaceutical), become a teacher or go into a research lab! So I have quite a few decisions to make this year 😅 but all very exciting! 

Onto weightloss news… I’m carrying on with the WeightWatchers propoints plan and still continuing to get to goal! Which is to be in the 9st bracket 🎉 with only 8-9lbs left to get to that I’m in know rush and I will be enjoying myself at social events this year ✨ starting with my best friends birthday bash 🎈🎁 by the time I go to Barcelona in June I want to feel comfortable in a bikini and not frumpy! 👙 I will continue to go to the gym (and swimming 🏊🏼) 2-3 times a week and lose the weight slow & steady 👊🏼 


Ciao K x 


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