Favourite breakfasts 


Happy Wednesday everyone! So thought I would do a post about my fav breakfasts! 🍳🍇🍌 lets be honest, breakfast is the best time of the time! 🙈 if your like me the only reason I get out of bed in the morning is to eat breakfast! 😂🙈 there are so many variations and you can really eat just what you fancy 🙆🏼 here are a couple of my favourite!

I’ve recently really started loving avocado! I always thought that it was really high in weight watchers points even though I do know it’s really good for you and co rains healthy flats! So the other week I thought I’d go out and buy some 😊 I was presently surprised that 40g of it was only 2PP which I think you actually get quite a lot for 40g!! I don’t really feel the need to have half an avocado or even a while one, I feel quite satisfied with just 40g 🙆🏼 also with the rest I tend to have it in a chicken salad for lunch 🍃 yum yum!

Another exciting breakfast is PANCAKES! I tend to have these at the weekend as a little treat even though they are very low in points! And very healthy 😁 You make these by…

-mashing up 1 banana 🍌

-add one egg

-1 egg white

-pinch of cinnamon

and that’s it!! Extras can be added as you wish or adding baking soda will make them a bit more fluffy 😊 mix all the ingredients together and add them to a mini frying pan! With this mixture I tend to get about 5 pancakes 💁🏼 I then stack them on top of each other and have any sides you want, my fav its PB2 (powered peanut butter – from Amazon) and frozen berries 😊 you could also have a dollop of yogurt if you wish ✨

My next breakfast is oats! I do love my porridge and it’s perfect when it’s cold outside ❄️ I use Quaker porridge oat sachets as they are easy to make and even tells you how much water/milk to add with a helper line 🙈 I make mine with water to save points! And microwave for 2mins, I ALWAYS have to have a banana with my porridge 🍌 I just love the combo! But you can add honey, peanut butter, berries, Nutella – anything you wish 🙌🏼

Another breakfast is puffed wheat! If you haven’t tried this you definitely need to 😁 it’s like sugar puffs but without the sugar ✌🏼️ there super filling aswell! I have them with a WeightWatchers yogurt, banana and other toppings that may change depending what’s it the fridge 🙈 I got the puffed wheat from Asda! I actually haven’t seen it anywhere else surprisingly! 😳

I do have many other breakfasts that I like but these have to be my fav! As you can tell I have a banana EVERYDAY at breakfast! I just find it keeps me fuller for longer and I don’t tend to have a snack before lunch time 😊 also I don’t have the same breakfast twice in row – I just can’t bring myself to do it 😂 I don’t know why but I feel like I have to alternate! Keeps it all very exciting though 🙈

I hope you enjoyed this post! feel free to leave any comments with questions! ❤️

Also head over to my Instagram to check out more healthy foodie ideas.

Ciao K x 


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