Let’s get active 

First of all I would like to wish you all a very happy Sunday! 💕 I find Sunday’s very relaxing and feel pretty content (until it reaches about 8pm) 😂 I haven’t actually done a blog post about the gym/workouts before so here it goes! 💪🏼

Firstly I wanted to mention my polar watch! I received this from my boyfriend for my 23rd birthday last October as I did have a older model but was playing up a bit! 🕐 I knew I wanted to keep with the polar watches as my last one was great and really worked for me! Here’s a picture of what it looks like in the box …

I think he purchased it from a running shop, but I’ve also seen it on Amazon too for £99.99.

It’s the M400 model, and YES it does come with a chest strap! You can wear this watch all day everyday if you wish, as it tracks your overall activity for the day 😁✌🏼️ when setting it up you I out your age, height, weight and how active you are. Throughout the day you can look at your watch and it tells you the percentage of activity and when you reach 100% you’ve reached your goal activity for the day! You can also look back on days, and see how many steps you had done, the calories you burnt and the distance you’ve walked 🙌🏼 the calories burnt will include the amount you burn resting aswell, so it does give you an idea of how many your body burns and therefore you need!

When going to the gym, I always wear the chest strap! This just allows a more accurate reading of your heart rate so the calories burnt will be a lot more reliable and accurate to you! 🤓 I really like the idea that it shows you the fat burn %of Cals! So the higher the percentage the more fat burnt from that workout ❤️

For years now I’ve always used a fitness watch, I just find for me when I can see my heart rate and the calories burnt, it makes me work harder! Especially if you give yourself a carlorie goal before a workout 😁 my calorie goal for an hours workout session is 500 calories ✌🏼️

After starting a new gym recently hat had a swimming pool, me and the other half have been going swimming quite a lot as its so relaxing!! And something nice we can do together in the evenings 🏊🏼 this watch can be used in the pool along with the chest strap! And so can most of the other polar watches tbh! So if your not sure if yours can or not, just google the model and find out! Mine actually has a sports profile for swimming so it’s quite handy 🙌🏼🙌🏼 going swimming is a lower intensity workout than the gym, but I find my fat burn % is a lot higher when I go!

Just because it’s an all over body workout! Plus it doesn’t feel that strenuous compared to a gym workout hehe 🙊🙊

I do get a lot of questions asking what I do in the gym so here it is (I do change it up sometimes!!)

– 15min run (without stopping)

– leg weights (10min)

– arm weights (10min)

-stepper (5min)

-sit ups & push ups (10mins)

-cool down and stretch (10mins)

So there it is! On some days I do try and do pull ups and that with the other half and he does show me some other bits and bobs! But I’m quite happy to just do whatever I fancy in the gym! 🙆🏼

I tend to do about 3 times a week! Recently have been going more as I’ve been swimming too 😊

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I just wanted to write something that explained a bit about my polar watch & my gym sessions! ❤️

Ciao K x


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