It’s February! 

Hello February ❤️ I can just tell that this year is going to go so so quick and before we know it, it will be summer! ☀️ 

As January is done and dusted I thought I’d do a blog post on my favourite things throughout Jan!  

1. S T A R B U C K S

If anyone knows me they know I love Starbucks! ☕️ in January all extras in your coffee were FREE making my usually skinny SF vanilla cappuccino cheaper! (Hoorah) when I go I do tend to stick this as its lower in points than a latte and I always make sure I have the SUGAR FREE syrups! Just because I’d rather use the points on other things 🙈 

2.  Y A N K E E C A N D L E S

another thing that I’ve been loving is getting new Yankee candles! I actually got 3 new ones this month! 🙈 I just love the jar and all the different smells they do! I would say I probably get one every/every other month! Let’s just say I’m an addict 🙌🏼  his one below my dad kindly bought for me as a little present ❤️ 


3. B R A I D S 

this month I’ve been quite lazy with washing my hair! I only tend to wash it twice a week! And if that, sometimes just once 🙆🏼 so while I’ve been at home in the flat & going into labs I’ve been braiding my hair ❤️ I actually quite like it out my face and I feel it doesn’t matter how greasy it is, braids will always look cute 🙊 


4. M A K E U P

Since about November time I’ve really gotten into watching YouTube videos and I do subscribe to quite a lot! Since watching that I’ve bought quite a lot of make up and started using different brands! My newest additions are a few Kiko pieces 😁 also a new Mac lipstick and 2 eye shadow palettes! 


5. X L J U M P E R S

I have probably worn larger jumpers 75% of the time in January! There so comfy and can be chucked on with jeans 💕 I have 3 favourites that are all from Primark which I have in pale pink, beige & light grey! They cost me £7.80 and was so worth it, as they will last me right through spring aswell 



This blog post isn’t necessarily about weightloss but I just wanted to start blogging about my general life aswell as my weightloss journey! As I enjoy a lot of other things aswell as recording my meals and weightloss on my Instagram ❤️ 
Ciao K x  


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