Top Must haves for Surviving WeightWatchers


Hi Guys! I can’t believe its May already, summer is soon around the corner and I cant wait till it starts getting warmer, and the longer evenings!

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Instagram recently about the top 10 things that you couldn’t live without. So I’ve decided to do a little different take on that and give you my top Weight Watcher’s must haves, that I couldn’t live without whilst on the plan.

  1. MANGO – I literally love mango! it’s super sweet, zero Propoints and actually feels like i’m having a treat when i have it. What more can you want.
  2. FROZEN FRUIT – can be purchased in almost any supermarket, and lasts for ages in your freezer! My fav is rapsberries, I add them to smoothies, on top on my porridge and a topping to pancakes. They’re also super tasty just to eat straight from the freezer (and not to hard like other frozen fruits)
  3. BUTTERNUT SQUASH – Zero hero veggie, but can be made into chips for a healthy alternative! and great thing about it, is that you can add it to soups, boil it, make spaghetti with it or just roast it! It’s really good for dinners where you might not have a lot of points left over, so just have this as a side with some salad and you’ve got yourself a low point meal!
  4. Aldi’s LIGHTLY DUSTED FISH – for only 4PP per fillet, this is a tasty dinner/lunch with whatever you like! I tend to have mine with veggies or a salad. But if it’s a friday/saturday you could turn it into a fakeaway with light dusted fish, BNS fries and mushy peas! for only £1.69 a box you can’t go wrong. There come in two flavours including a lemon one which is my fav and are kept in the frozen section!
  5. CURLY WURLY’S – if you’re anything like me and need a bit of chocolate in the evening while watching your TV programs then these are a win win! 3PP each and last ages! (especially if kept in the fridge/freezer). Typically you can get them in a pack of 5 for £1 from must supermarkets when there on offer! I love mine dipped into a tea or an options hot chocolate.
  6. PUFFED WHEAT – Similar to sugar puffs, but basically without the sugar! super low pointed for 25g being 2PP or 35g for 3PP, ideal for a quick and filling breakfast. They’re actually really tasty and can have them with anything! whether you just like them plain with maybe a bit of sweetener and some milk, so add some low fat yogurt and lots of fruit for a breakfast bowl! My fav is having puffed wheat with a WW yogurt, banana, frozen raspberries and some peanut butter! YUM. Available in lots of stores, but i tend to get mine from either Asda or Tesco!
  7. QUAKER OAT SACHETS– These are so handy! no measuring your porridge oats out and you can get them in all sorts of flavours, including Strawberry Jam, Sweet cinnamon and Vanilla & Honey! They can be baked, microwaved, added to smoothies, added to pancakes and great for over night oats! I tend to use water with mine instead of milk, to save some points! (Sneaky Hehe)
  8. POPCORN- Super low pointed tasty snack, and there are so many different flavours available! One of my favs is Tesco sweet & Salted! also Propercorns Smooth peanut and almond. Homemade popcorn is also free on no count/Filling & healthy, then you can add your desired flavours like sweetener, low cal syrup or just salt! another good thing about popcorn is that you can take it too the cinema with you in your own individual pack, so you’ll try on plan whilst at the movies too -Winning.
  9. CRUMPETS- I swear us English folk are obsessed with crumpets! you literally can have them any point in the day either breakfast, as a snack or for dinner! You can have them sweet or savoury so the possibilities are literally endless. Also you have to try Warburtons Giant crumpets, there so fluffy and totally worth 5PP each! Normal sized crumpets tend to be 2/3PP each depending on the brand and are free on no count/filling & healthy!
  10. UNSWEETENED ALMOND MILK – Delicious in coffees, porridge, smoothies or on your cereal! Vegan, diary free and a lot less Cals and PP then skimmed milk! it only has 24cals per 100ml and you can have 400ml  for 1PP which is loads! I use mine in my coffees, protein shakes and smoothies as it has a really creamy taste. super good if you’re trying to cut down on your diary products! I tend to use the Alpro unsweetened almond milk which is available in most stores including Tesco and Asda!


So that’s it for my top 10 Weight Watcher must haves! If you like this kind of blog post and want to know more about some other favorites that have helped me with my journey leave a comment and let me know!


I hope everyone enjoys there bank holiday weekend! Make sure you follow my Instagram to see what I eat during the day 🙂


ciao K x


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