Weight Watchers Smart Points.

This summer has been rather exciting to say the least. Weight Watchers has taken a back shelf whilst I’ve travelled to many places over the summer and now I’m ready to get stuck in AGAIN.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 23.49.20.png

Over the last couple of months I switched from WW Pro points to Smart points. I’m lucky enough to be be a brand ambassador for Weight Watchers, so I really wanted to check out there new plan and see if it would fit into my lifestyle. First of all I have to say that I LOVE Smartpoints! I find that I can eat way more on the plan (I get 30sp a day) than the old one, as looks of high protein items have dropped in smart points. I tended to eat quite a lot of meat and high protein foods, so luckily this has worked in my favour as I know a lot of people still feel restricted and that there points don’t last long! High sugar items have increased quite a lot on the knew plan so I definitely think it has helped me stop snacking on high sugar treats at the end of each day (and if you know me, you know i would have a chocolate and a chocolate EVERY evening).

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 23.51.20.png

Some of favourite Smart points meals are baked oats – Absolutely delish. Probably have them around 3 times a week there that good! And another fav is literally ANYTHING with chicken breast. The sp value is soo low, meaning you can have loads with your lunch/dinner and keep you fuller for longer. All the recipes and I eat everyday is over on my instagram @keelies.journey 













I started the plan after I came back from a girls/festival holiday in Barcelona. I lost 10lbs when I first started it and found that it really did help boost my weightloss! I then went to New York for 9 days to see my best friend and spend some time city seeing with my mum which was lovely (photos can be seen on my personal insta @keeliex). When being on holidays over the summer I was 100% NOT on plan! I feel that some of us only diet and want to get healthy so they feel good on holiday, so why then deprive yourself while your there? I’m all up for making the most out of travelling and that includes indulging in all the delicious food! A couple of weeks later I flew out to Cyprus for a relaxing holiday with the other half and his family, I wasn’t really in control of the meals and food shop out there so again I really just enjoyed myself and the food. After a couple of weeks off, with holidays and festivals ect. I’m so ready to get my head in the game and carry on with the smart points plan.

I’m currently using the Weight Watchers app, which I think is fantastic! It has so many recipes, foods and restaurants on there that your bound to find everything you need. As you probably all know – I’m a Starbucks addict and have about 3 a week! and I was so happy to see that my favourite Skinny Iced latte with sugar free vanilla syrup is only 3sp, so how can i feel guilty drinking it when it has a totally reasonable smart point value! It has a bar code scanner allowing you to scan all kinds of foods, either in your home or when your out and about food shopping. I literally can’t recommend it enough.


I’m excited to start trying new recipes and prep my meals as I have a VERY busy and time consuming year ahead, so the plan is to prep prep and prep!

K x






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