Getting back on track!

As many of you know, before I went to America I was 10.1 🙌🏼 while there I gained around 10-12lbs! Since then I haven’t really lost any until recently! Since I’ve been back I’ve moved in with my boyfriend, started a new job, finished at that job then gone back to uni to do a research Masters! So pretty hectic 🙈 

Recently I’ve been trying to workout for at least 30mins a day instead of doing large gym sessions! I haven’t been going to the gym and I’ve been doing then at home using YouTube! 💻 I just find that this is way more convenient for me! 💛 me and the BF are moving into a NEW flat in 2 weeks time which is much closer to the uni and near town, so instead of driving everyday I’ll be walking 🍂🌰🍁 (hoping this will help the weight loss) and we’re looking for a new gym with a swimming pool! So then we can go swimming together in the evenings 🏊🏼 

My goals before Christmas is too keep working out 4-5 times a week (short sessions) AND to get back down to the lower end on the 10 stone mark 🙌🏼✨ I do think this is achievable I just need to stop being so naughty at the weekends and o my have 1 treat meal! 👌🏼❤️ 

My recent weight is 10:8.8 so I want to ideally lose 7lbs before Christmas! Which I think is only 6 weeks away? 🎅🏽🎄 just means I’m going to have to work extra hard! ✌🏼️
K x 


Exciting News.


Forensics Text

So some exciting news . . . after weeks of debating and weighing up my options I’ve decided that I’m going back to university to do an integrated Master’s in Forensic Science! I’m so so happy at the moment, and I have my induction next week – with lectures starting the week after horahhhh J I haven’t been happy in my job for a while, even though I’ve only been here 4 months! But when you know you just know. Like my mum said, if you’ve got the opportunity to move on and you feel it’s not right then go for it! I’m only 22 anyway. I just feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

So this week is the last week at my current job! The other good news, is that I have now got my part time uni just back at the university and have some shifts next week! J They’ve also asked me to be a PostGrad ambassador meaning I’ll go do presentations to undergrads and tell them why I chose the masters and the good things about it! If you haven’t noticed I kinda like doing presentations and sharing my experiences with other people, so I’m excited to get back to that next week!

Also being back at uni means, I have more free time and studying time! Which means I can food prep! During my 3rd year at uni I lost the remaining weight I wanted to and got to my lowest weight! Now half a stone heavier… (Thanks America – and weekends off) I am hoping to get back down to that weight (10st1) by Christmas! Which I think is totally do able.

Prepare to see more blogs about how my masters is going, along with foodie picks and weight loss! Now to finish off my final 2 days at work before starting my next adventure.

Ciao K x


1ffb8cceae8afe9dc8fce8abb9513ff6TGIF. I haven’t posted an update on my blog in ages so thought I’d better do one! The last time I posted was about getting back on plan after an indulgent weekend – that still applies for me as I do it near enough EVERY weekend!

I’ve recently been doing the Filling & Healthy plan on WW, this is where a lot of w
holemeal foods are free (crumpets, brown thins, brow
n rice, pasta etc.) as well as eggs, skimmed milk and most lean meats! The plan has been very good! And allows you not to weigh out any foods that are free. You also get your weekly 49 pro points to have on things that aren’t on the F&H plan (chocolate and crisps!) so it is very flexible….

On the other hand. By downfall. Portion sizes! As you don’t have to weigh anything out I tend to overdo my portions or eat too much of the filling & healthy foods – especially crumpets. The plan allows you to snack on them, so that’s what I did… I’ve gone back to pointing for the day today as I’m off to pizza express with my boyfriend later tonight, so I wanted to be able to pro point my pizza!


Another topic I want to talk about is my weigh ins! I’ve recently not been weighing in. This is because I eat really well during the working week, then at the weekends I have a treat! This means that I’m not losing any weight… I recently started living with my boyfriend (From July) and that means we like to organise stuff to do at the weekend! Which normally includes a meal out/cinema or meeting up with friends. I don’t want him to feel like we can’t go out and he can’t treat himself because I’m doing WW. I think I just need to learn that you can go out for a meal and just eat a salad haha.

This weekend I’m off home for some party celebrations and a meal out with the fam. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and I really want to enjoy every minute of it! – spend time with fam & friends, eat what you like (in moderation) and do new things is my motto.

I will be posting on my blog more regular from now on!

Ciao K x

Getting back on plan after an indulgent weekend..


images (1)

So every time Saturday comes round we all know that we like to treat ourselves as its the weekend! I do it every time! plus my weigh in is on Saturdays so i tell myself its okay haha! I do try and allow just Saturday to be off plan but sometimes this doesn’t happen and i do end up eating a little more than i probably should on Sunday too (we all do it don’t we!)

But there’s something I’ve learnt over the years of being on Weight Watchers – and that is to get back on track! just because you’ve had a bad day doesn’t mean you have to have a bad week! I tend to stick to plan religiously Monday through to Friday then as soon as the weekend comes i allow myself some treats! which is good in moderation… the amount of Chinese i ate at the weekend though wasn’t moderation haha..

I can always count on a new week day to get back on plan, whether this be a Monday or a even a Thursday, it’s never to late!  Count it as a fresh start if you have too..

so some tips to get back on plan after an indulgent weekend:

1. go food shopping! (buy fresh fruit and veggies the day or day before your getting back on plan! – no excuses then)

2. plan out what your having for the entire day, i use the Value Diary app to keep track of my points – without forking out and paying for a WW membership

3. Do some exercise! (easier said than done I know…) you’ll feel 100% better and more likely to eat healthy throughout the day!

Hope this helps!

Ciao x

Back to the blogging world..


So I haven’t written a blog post in so so long! And in that time, I’ve finished my university degree in Forensic Science with a 2:1, started a full time job as a Sales consultant for a developer company in Sheffield, moved into my very own 2 bed flat AND travelled America for 18 days!! :O

Crazy Crazy stuff…

So first of all I just wanted to say that while having all this going on i’ve still managed to stick to WW (minus going to america) and treat weekends! okay lets say stick to plan Mon-Fri haha – which i find works for me.. But i did put on about 8lbs whilst in America, so i really need to get my head stuck in and stick to plan! Also up my exercise as i haven’t been to the gym in probably over 2 months! Due to me cancelling my membership cos i was moving flats.

But i now live with my gorgeous boyfriend was into fitness too! not so much the food side as he doesn’t eat vegetables but definitely the exercise side, which tbh I probably need help with the most as I’m quite good with knowing what to eat! so from Monday we are both starting back up at PureGym – the one i left as i thought i’d go to a different one but turns out that’s the one he wants to go too haha! and i really like it there anyway.. so i should be able to get back to the gym 3 days a week, probably after work or in the evenings when i can go with him as it will give me more motivation!

so some of my new goals that i want to set before i turn 23 in October…

1. Lose my America gain

2. Get down in the 9’s (i’ve to be in the 9’s for so so long!!)

3. Exercise 3 times a week

4. once i get in the 9’s i want to change my diet slightly and cut out refined sugars! (such as slim fast bars & crisps)

5. Ideally it would be lovely to fit in size 8’s (although i do have 2 pairs already that fit me!! yay)

Also my boyfriend is hoping to start up a fitness instagram account! so that should be fun for him to do it too and work together.. i should be able to post more regularly now, and get back in the swing of thingsss!

Ciao x


A little trip home


So this weekend I went home for Mother’s Day! Plus I hadn’t been home for roughly 8 weeks, so I was looking forward to it! I spent Friday & Saturday night catching up with friends, and Saturday in the day I went shopping inLeicester with the mother!

I brought home 8 pairs of size 12 jeans that were all to big for me, to give to my mum as she’s been doing WW and has lost 16lbs by going to the meetings. Plus they were all clogging up my wardrobe and didn’t have any room for new clothes haha! So we went sopping and I got a new pair of jeans from river island in a size 10, a pair from primark and a size 8!? In topshop! (Never thought I’d say that haha) that’s only because I picked up the wrong size when I went to try them on and they ending up fitting! A bit tight but will be perfect for when I get to goal! But was so happy there were a 26 inch waist!

I also got some new shoes, a leather jacket and some bras too! (Gone down from a 34F at my biggest to a 34C) which I don’t really mind to be fair! Means I can buy smaller shirts without the buttons popping open in the middle haha!

I was 100% on plan Friday & Saturday! Because I had my weigh in Saturday morning and managed to lose 1lb this week! Which I was extremely happy about as I had a cheat night Thursday hehe.

IMG_3615 I’m off skiing on the 27th March and my goal is to be 10st 2, so I’m hoping to achieve that! Which I think I will.

On Mother’s Day (Sunday) I went out for a Toby carvery with 12 other family members! So I decided to have a cheat meal. This included a massive roast dinner with all the trimmings, and the best sundae ever which included Black Forest cheesecake in it! Probably about 25PP haha! And the roast about 25PP! So I’ve used most of my weeklies! Which I’ll need to head back to the gym tonight to burn some of the ice cream off ha!


For Mother’s Day I brought my mum a backpack as she’s off on a cruise with my dad for tIMG_3677here silver wedding anniversary, I also got her a cute pot of flowers! After the meal we did a bit of a food shop at tesco to get some bits and bobs for me to bring back up to uni, which included lots of Special K & Allen bars (all 2PP each) and some pikelets! Which are my new find in tesco, there only 1PP each or 2 for 3PP, and there like flattened crumpets! Which I’ll try tonight after my workout.

Ciao for now x

Getting back on plan after a little trip up..


So I’ve had a few people ask – how do you get back on plan after a cheat day or a little trip up? There’s no one answer to this question. I know where I want to be and quite simply I know what I have to do to get there… I’m so determined to get to goal by May and I know the only way this is ever going to happen is if I stay on plan and go to the gym 3 times a week!

Whenever I have a cheat day normally either Saturday or Sunday, I treat the next day as a fresh start. I don’t tend to let the cheats carry on after I’ve had a blow out one day (usually planned). Like the saying is – one bad meal won’t make you fat, just like one good meal won’t make you skinny. I am quite a dedicated person and I have very good self control when it comes to food. This is mostly because I treat myself with night time treats every night!

Everyday I know that in the evening I have my 4-6PP worth of treats so I don’t feel the need to eat badly during the day or have a little ‘treat’ because I deserve it, when in fact I don’t even need it? Or deserve it? Because I have treats every night haha!

My normal daily allowance is 26PP a day which I think is plenty! I have 2PP for skimmed milk a day, 4-6PP for nighttime snacks, usually 3-4PP for breakfast, 5-8PP for lunch and 7-9PP for dinner! So that’s how I like to spread my points! (I don’t like to waste my points earlier in the day if you’ve noticed).

I tend to always know when I’m having a treat day, – this week it will be Mother’s Day as I’m off home this weekend and haven’t seen my parents for 8 weeks! 🙂 so I can’t then plan my workouts and weeklies around that!

The key to succeeding is being organised, and I would say I’m a very organised person! I do have a lot going on in my life right now that being – final year of uni, socialising, going to the gym, working, and planning what I’m doing when I finish uni! Being in my final year at uni, having a 6 weeks full time research project has not given me an excuse to ‘have a little break’ because it has to done and I just have to suck it up! Plus when I get a full time job I’m going to be still eating healthy and working out, so why don’t start now?!

I do know that everyone has other stuff going out and that, but if your organised there’s no reason for you to not finish what you started 🙂

A tip for eating healthy..

I only buy healthy foods! So even if I do want to be naughty I have no temptations in my flat to allow me to do so (unless I purposely go out and buy some – too lazy for that haha!) so if you are struggling when it comes to the healthy eating side, just remove all the temptations!

I really do hope this helps people!

Ciao for now x


To workout or not to workout?


So my next topic is going to be about working out while on WeightWatchers! I’ve had a lot of people ask me about this and whether you’d gain weight if you worked out!

i only properly started back at the gym consistently in September 2014. Since then I’ve been 3 times a week (most weeks) with maybe some time off around christmas and New Year! And since doing so I’ve got to my lowest weight so far on my weightloss journey, as all last year I couldn’t get below 11st7 on WW and I finally realised it was because I needed to up my exercise, as eating healthy just wasn’t enough! And I’m now 10st4 so this has clearly helped haha!

People are always asking me whether I gained when I first started exercising and to tell you the truth I really. Ant remember as it was that long ago! But even if I did it couldn’t have been much or I would of remembered (I think)! When exercising the body will hold water, so the first week you might not lose any weight, but it has a roll on effect, an example would be; if you then didn’t work out the next week but lost 4lbs! This would probably be because you worked out the week before, so if you carry on working out 3 times a week you will carry on losing.

did I also mention the brilliant mood you get when you’ve finished your workout?! So for anyone that asks I would deffo recommend incorporating fitness into the weight watchers plan! It’s worked so well for me and others that I know who have done it!


Also people have been wondering where I get my workout clothes from! My trainers are Nike Roshe runs in mint green and I got them from office for £70 (I’m in love with them) must of all my gym leggings are from primark (there really comfy) for £6-8 and all my tops are just from random places! This mint green one is from Forever 21 about 3 years ago haha!

Ciao for now x IMG_0479

The Wendie plan




So this week I’m doing the Wendie plan! If anyone wants to know what it is or more info, it can be found by just typing The wendie plan into Google. I’m doing the points based on the WW message board I’ll post a picture below of what points I’m having on what days! This plan is meant to help boost weightloss by using your weeklies with a certain amount of points on different days!



This is what this week looks like! I had a great day Saturday eating all them points haha! And today I’m allowed 30-31PP, so decided I’m going to have a comfort tea with beans & sweet potato fries! YUMMY.

I weigh in on Saturday mornings so will post the result on my Instagram! Hoping for a 1lb loss, as I’m near to my goal weight now so slow and steady wins the race! Also by losing it slowly means I won’t out weight back on really fast! (Hopefully).

For anyone wondering, I don’t actually go to any weight watchers meetings or pay to do weight watchers! I did a couple of years ago but I know it like he back of my hand now! I use an app called Value Diary, which is available from the App Store for £1.99 but is deffo worth it as now I don’t pay anything else to do WW!

Also for people wondering, I use the app Line Camera to make all my edits on my photos, which include the writing and the little hearts! (Just makes it look cute haha)




If you can’t already tell, I do love my coffee hehe! I tend to have either sugar free caramel syrup in it (purchased from TKMaxx for £3.99) or these beanie coffees! Which are 0PP and full of flavour. The toffee one is my favourite! Recently tried the gingerbread one but didn’t like it very much 😦 another fav is hazelnut!

I also think that making my coffee look like it’s from Starbucks or Costa makes it taste better too! I use an electric whisk to froth my milk & coffee being adding boiling water and that’s what makes it look really yummy!

I’m on the hunt for hazelnut SF syrup and I’ve found some on amazon for £9.99 but don’t think I want to pay that much, so still hunting for a cheaper version, so if anyone knows where to get some give me a bell on my insta or in a comment on here and I’ll love you forever!

Ciao for now x


Favourite WeightWatcher friendly breakfasts’

Thinking about changing my blog title to this? Because everybody loves a bit of sugar

These are some of my favourite breakfasts’, I tend to either have porridge when I’m in uni or work early, and a bit of a cooked breakfast when I have more time!

My favourite porridge has got to be Quaker Oats! They do so many different flavours that are so tasty, my favs include; Strawberry jam, caramel, sweet cinnamon & honey and almond. All these ones are 3propoints on the WeightWatchers plan, but other flavours like strawberry & banana are 4PP.

I always prefer to have my porridge with water, then I don’t have to count any extra points for skimmed milked! (I count 2PP a day anyway for my teas and coffees) and they still taste really good with water!

I’ve recently discovered the new coco pops porridge! Which is incredibly yummy and chocolately for only 3PP (with water), so it good when you need a chocolate fix in the morning. The sachet is only 27g compared with the Quaker oats at 33.4g but I still think it’s worth it! I also tend to add a banana every morning to my porridge as it makes it super filling and lasts me till lunch time no problem.











When I have a bit more time in the mornings I love a good old egg with toast! Except I tend to swap the toast for a healthy option which usually consists of a Warburtons thin! But I only have half a slice which is 50cals and works out at 1PP which is perfecttttttt! I also LOVE chopped tomatoes, there really filling and there 0PP so can be added to any breakfast without the guilt. To do my egg I spray a mini frying pan with fry light and cook, maybe having a cheeky turn to seal the top but remembering to leave it runny! Another good buy for breakfasts are the WW sausages for only 1PP each there are totally worth it, being careful when adding up points though as if you have 2 of them it works out to be 3PP! (Sneaky)

another addition to my breakfast is a tea or a coffee! Couldn’t live without it in the morns! Aswell as my take away costa cups that my dad kindly got for me (don’t ask how haha) as I can then drink my tea on my walk to uni which saves a lot of rushing around!











As you can tell, I can’t live without a banana every morning! I get really upset when I run out haha, and then have to have one later in the day! – A banana a day keeps the doctor away