Ditching the scales.

First of all happy Monday everyone! I always feel so relaxed and content on Sunday (except when if gets to evening). I thought I’d do an updated blog post on my gym workouts and ditching the scales! Saturday is my usual weigh day, and this week I lost 0.6lbs which is great!    
But other the past couple of months I haven’t really changed weight TBH I’ve gone up to about 10st13 back last August/September, after I came back from America, then moving in with my boyfriend I had a lot of takeaways! So I have lost half a stone. I’m not quite back at the same weight that I was when I left for America last June which was 10st2 but least be honest what is 3lbs? Are you really going to see a difference in your body with 3lbs difference probably no!

Something that I have been doing a lot more though is doing gym workouts that include a lot of weights! Last week I went 4 times, but I’d say on an average week I’d go 3 times a week which I think is Pretty reasonably. So I’ve finally decided, that I’m going to stop weighing myself, gym 3 times a week and what will be will be! And hopefully I’ll notice my body changing without having to be dictated by the scale. I would love to be in the 9’s but if that means being “skinny fat” and just dieting alone to reach that weight then. I. don’t want to see it! I’d rather be 10st and be toned TBH. 

Here’s my normal gym workout routine – but I do like to change it up on days so it’s not always the same!

– 15 minute run on the treadmill, mixed speeds of sprinting at 15kph then jogging at 10kph (little bit of a HIIT session!)
– I go onto leg weights, (sorry I don’t know what the machines are called haha) but for inner and outer thighs.
– I then do crunches, on these bar things! (Sorry bad with technical terms) but that gets my heart rate up quite a lot! 
– I then do some arm weights, including arm curls and the pull down one haha! 
– about 5 minutes on the stepper! Building on the leg muscles 🙂
– then go to the mat and do press ups, sit ups, and twists for my waist! 
That’s roughly 45mins it takes me! And I also walk there and back to the gym, which really isn’t far! Takes about 3 minutes haha 
Normally with all that I aim to burn around 500 calories 🙂
People do normally ask me on my Instagram, if I like my polar watch or find it helpful etc. And the answer is I really do! It allows me to see my heart rate, so if it’s quite low I know that I need to push myself harder and I can also see the calories I burn, so it makes me work that little. Bit more till I’ve reached my calorie goal!! 

Thanks for reading! 

Ciao K x


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